Templo Wall is a lighting piece for wall applications. Developed as part of a site-specific installation for the patio of Mármoles Covarrubias's family house during “Transforming the Stone”, a one-week workshop organized by Samael Covarrubias.

When I first saw the Valle’s patio, I thought it was a perfect space, between indoors and outdoors, enlightened by its opening to the sky. In there, four olive trees grow clustered by eight columns of grey rock, a corridor of red and yellow tiles, and carpentry frames carved in marble.

My proposal aimed to light up the space at night with four wall sculptures of grey stone and honey onyx marble. In the center, a lightbox enclosed in stone could serve as a table and meeting point for gathering around.

Mármoles Covarrubias is a family company dedicated to stone fabrication. From their factory in Guadalajara, México, they manufacture custom marble pieces for architectural and artistic projects. Although their craftsmen are capable of sculpting any type of design, they are specialists in slab construction. Pollo, the head of the workshop, built the pieces I designed with marble dead stocks.

Matter: Marble
Type: Lighting
Project: Templo wall light

Pablo Bolumar Plata is a designer and researcher focused on the transformation of material environments.

Trained in industrial design engineering and geo-design, his work studies the ecologies of matter and proposes interventions through products, processes, and spatial installations.


Contemporary art exhibition result of the first edition of the art and context program of the museum in Valencia, Spain.

44cm at Nave Seis, 2023
Collective exhibition where ten different design authors reinterpreted the height of a stool in Barcelona, Spain.

Lugar Usual, 2023
Emergent design exhibition in Madrid, Spain

Transforming the stone at Mármoles Covarrubias, 2023
Site-specific lighting installation made of marble for the patio of the family house owner of the company in Guadalajara, México.

Panal at Lugar Usual, 2023
Art exhibition during Feria Maco in Ciudad de México, México.

Blanda y peluda: intercambios en el espacio museístico at IVAM, 2022
Public exchange of ideas about the museum space with TAKK Architecture, Miguel Leiro, and Marina Povedano, curated by Julia Castego and Ali A Maderuelo in Valencia, Spain.

Residency at Boisbuchet, 2022
Exhibition of three site-specific lighting installations at the Shigeru Ban Pavillion, the tree cluster near the beehives, and the Chateau of the Domaine supported by Acción Cultural Española in Lessac, France.

Ací fem atovons at Sala Fernando Barrachina, 2022
Curatorial showcase about the local ceramic brick industry in Foios, Spain.

It will follow at Carlota Oyarzun, 2022
Emergent design exhibition in a residential space in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lugar Usual, 2021
Emergent design exhibition in Madrid, Spain.

Espam 2 at Colector, 2019
Young contemporary art and design exhibition in Valencia, Spain.

RDS 6.0 at Centre de Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana, 2017
Object exhibition about gastronomic design in Valencia, Spain.


Materials and processes at Product Design MA at IED, 2023
Design and execution of a course about the logic of materials, their behaviors, the processes to transform them, and their industries. Each student developed a product proposal based on small-scale processes in Madrid, Spain.

Hidrobricks with Laia Amigó Ayats at Mayrit Bienal, 2022
A one-day workshop about water irrigation systems with ceramic samples from Ceràmica Cumella for Mayrit Bienal in Madrid, Spain.

Estiu Urbá with Vicent Orts at Ajuntament de Foios, 2021
Design and execution of a summer camp program about design and sustainable practices in Valencia, Spain.


IVAM in ABC, 2023
Participation in the Art and Context program of the IVAM in Valencia, Spain.

Carlota Oyarzun in RUM, 2022
Beeswax Bubble featured in Carlota Oyarzun Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pablo Bolumar on AD Magazine, 2020
Article about the relationship of materials and processes in my design work with the farming environment where I was raised.

Pablo Bolumar on Raïm, 2019
The importance of photography in my visual research and design approach.